Our Dry Eye Spa Room


What can I expect from a treatment in the Dry Eye Spa?

Your eyes work hard for you. Reward them with a trip to our Dry Eye Spa. Here's what to expect:


-  Comfortable, relaxing environment

-  Painless, comfortable treatment

-  Feels like a visit to the spa for your eyes

-  Option to schedule a one time spa treatment when your symptoms are bothering you or to book a package that will provide year long treatment.


After the spa treatment, it is critical that you return to our clinic to assess the results and make sure that your eyes are getting better. Please schedule to come back after 1 month of the treatment.

At Home Treatment: Heated Mask

Hot Steam Heated Mask -- helps with sleeping conditions, it warms the eyelids, and helps loosen/release blocked oil glands. The heated mask can be used to treat tired, fatigued eyes and so on.


Doctor Recommended -- to treat dry eyes. This method is easy and convenient for providing continuous heat that sooths your glands and relieves dryness.


Safe Use -- heating stays in a safe consistant range between 95-122°F (35-50°C). The time can be chosen from 5-10 minutes.


Recommended To -- those who want to relax their eyes, or who suffer from dry, fatigued eyes, or even those who want to relax after a long day of work or studying.







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