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"As a 10 year old girl, I was afraid of putting contact lenses. But with great support from Dr. Lucy Wun and staff of SVO, I got adapted very soon. I am glad I can see clearly without any glasses and enjoy my swimming and dance classes. THANK YOU SO MUCH Dr. Lucy Wun and staff at Silicon Valley Optometry to make me see and feel better."

                                                 Sia Dawra     Age: 10


"Before doing Ortho-K, I had never worn contacts before.  I was given a set of training lenses that helped me adapt to the feeling.  Although it was slightly uncomfortable at first, Dr. Wun was very helpful and reassured me of Ortho-K's safety.  After I received my real lenses, I put them on and went to sleep.  During the first two days,  I began seeing halos around objects and glare, but this quickly went away after Dr. Wun adjusted the lenses for me.  Now, my vision is 20/20, and everything is perfect!  The lenses are very comfortable and do not cause much trouble with sleep.  I can see clearly during lectures at school, driving is easier, and walking outside is much more enjoyable!"

             Erick Lu    Age: 17

"Because of Ortho-K, I didn't have to wear glasses while playing sports.  I didn't have to be afraid of breaking my contacts while playing.  Wearing night contacts is a very easy task.  It only takes a few seconds to put on and another few seconds to take off the next morning."

Kimberly Chou    Age: 14 


"I enjoyed this Ortho-K program with Dr. Wun.  At first, it was not every easy to put on.  Later, it was a piece of cake because your eye gets used to it.  It improved my life by letting me go outside and not have the risk of breaking glasses.  This is my experience for Ortho-K with Dr. Wun and I recommend it to any one who is tired of glasses or bad vision."

William Shih   Age: 12

"At my previous eye doctor, I attempted to improve my vision using many different hard contacts.  However, when I came here, I was able to fix my vision to better degree after trying on only one lens.  Overall, I was satisfied with my treatments. "

Daniel Pak     Age:  13

Without Ortho-K, I would need to wear glasses or contact lenses. But that would be bad for me since I am very active. I am very happy about Ortho-K, and how my vision problem has not disabled me from anything.


Dan Su   Age:  11

The Silicon Valley Optometry Center is very beneficial for nearsightedness. I've used Ortho-K for about two years, and my eyesight improved a lot in class and outside. When I came here, my eyesight wasn't very good. But after Dr. Lucy Wun specially fitted and ordered contacts that fit me the best, I've had no problems with my contacts or eyesight. I recommend Dr. Lucy Wun because she is very nice, professional and understanding. My new contacts feel great and I'm very happy with my results.

Liz Liao   Age: 13

Before I had ortho-k, I couldn't see well without glasses, I do a lot of exercises everyday, especially I go swimming everyday, so carring glasses was not convenient for me. After I had Ortho-k therapy, I can see well now, my mom is now very happy to see the result of me doing the ortho-k program, it took me only a week to get used to it, it is such a wonderful way to correct my vision. Thanks to Silicon Valley Optometry and Dr. Wun and staffs.

Jeffrey Hsu   Age: 12

Before I tried out Ortho-K I could not see well in class and sometimes I did not get good grades. Now that I use Ortho-K lenses, I wear it  at night before I go to sleep and take it off in the morning, I could see better and also learn better.

Nina Hu   Age: 11

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